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The Vision

To be viewed in the Highest Regard by:

Our customers, for believing in them.

Our Principal Suppliers, for helping them succeed.

Our competitors, for our Ethical Behaviour towards them.


The Business

We are in the business of supplying High Quality Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools and Technical Advice to Health Care Professionals so that they may, in turn, run their businesses more efficiently, make accurate & effective decisions and improve the lives of those who suffer from illness.

We Value

  • Ethical Business Practice

  • Reliability in delivery of Goods & Services

  • Long Term relationships with our customers.


Our Mission

  • To be able to deliver to our customers the best possible products and services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

  • To be able to satisfactorily address the individual needs of our customers.

  • To actively participate in the areas in which we excel and avoid those areas in which we are unable to make a worthy and positive contribution.

  • To maintain, at all times, customer satisfaction as our number one goal.


Our Customer Relations Focus sets us apart from the rest.

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